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East Meets West, Culinary Speaking!

Tulsi Bistro is a brand new food concept where we proudly celebrate the rich and diverse culinary traditions of India as well as the United States! We are beyond enthralled to serve the most cutting-edge version of freshly prepared modern Indian street foods – in our food preparation we respect tradition where it needs respect while modifying tradition where appropriate to indulge the taste buds of our increasingly diverse customer base! At Tulsi Bistro, we take you on a delicious food journey that starts with our Indian roots and ends with our American upbringing, and beyond! Tulsi Bistro specializes in pan-Indian contemporary street food cuisine emphasizing signature dishes and unique product offerings all the way from “Delhi 6 to Kanyakumari”. In this journey, we present the first Indian eatery offering plant-based curry bowls, rolls/burritos/wraps, and sandwiches.